September 16 Update

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for LOLCP, Inc! We have been meeting with some wonderful folks from the community to determine the scope of the playground project.

We met with Carie Brock and Rachel Strong, from Lakeland Pines elementary School and SOAR Middle School, to discuss how the playground might benefit their students. Based upon their input, we will be facilitating a focus group with some of those students, to get their input on what makes a great play space. Carie and Rachel both agreed to be members of our Advisory Committee, and we hope to secure a student member when we meet with the focus group.

We also met with Stefan Anderson, Director of the LOL Chamber of Commerce. He has agreed to serve on our Advisory Committee, as well, and will help us make contacts to local business owners and lake associations. Stefan was able to show us how the new playground would fit into the wider recreation plan for the area.

Finally, we met with members of the LOL Beautification Committee at their standing meeting time. They gave us input about the removal of the old equipment and how the plan for the playground fit with their master beautification plan. We will continue discussions with this group as we move forward. Debbie Hintz, one of their members, graciously volunteered to serve on our Advisory Board.

All in all, it was a fruitful week for LOLPA, Inc.!