November Update

We’ve been doing so much over the past couple of months! Here are some of the highlights:

Most importantly, we are finally an official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization! We received our letter from the IRS in early November. Now we are just waiting for our WI tax exemptions and to be recognized as an official “charity” in Wisconsin.

We’ve continued to have some fantastic conversations with people in LOL about the project, including some children, parents, teachers, business owners, and church members. We’ve received a lot of support for what we’re doing. Thanks to everyone who completed one of our surveys about what we need to make the playground a great experience for everyone!

We’ve also been reaching out to some of the lake associations for input and to start getting word about the project out. We’ll be continuing that.

We presented our initial ideas to the Land O’ Lakes Town Board. They have ordered an official survey be done of the area we are looking at for the playground. That survey, along with some marking by Diggers Hotline, should allow us to finalize proposals from the three vendors we’ve been working with.

We’ve added a new member to our Playground Subcommittee – Erin Doss is a full-time LOL resident who seems to know everyone! If you see Erin around, say hello and ask her about the playground!

We will be announcing a big initiative soon: partnering with Trex products to get FREE Trex benches! Start saving your plastic bags of all kinds, folks. We’ll tell you soon how and where you can turn them in.

The playground subcommittee is working with two groups of students from UW-Stevens Point to get help with our social media presence and to get some fundraising ideas. Thanks to all of those students – and their instructors, Steve Hill and Jim O’Connell – for the help!

Thanks to all of you who are helping spread the word about the project. Have a warm and safe holiday season!