Hello Land O’ Lakes!

Playgrounds. How many of us spent a good chunk of our childhood on the playground? At recess, in the neighborhood, in the back yard – anywhere we could find them. We’d swing until we thought we could touch the sky, climb until our arms shook, and crawl until our knees rubbed raw. Modern playgrounds are even more exciting, and we need one in Land O’ Lakes!

Land O’ Lakes does have playground equipment. There are pieces in front of Town Hall, but they are old, unattractive, and not up to contemporary standards. They also aren’t accessible to younger children or children with physical challenges. There are units in Memorial Park, but accessibility is limited there, too. There just isn’t a great place for kids of all ages (and their caretakers) to gather and have fun.

We want to change that. So we’ve started a new nonprofit organization – Land O’ Lakes (WI) Community Playground, Inc. – with the goal of raising funds to plan, build, and maintain an accessible playscape in front of the Town Hall. We want it to be accessible and exciting for children of all ages, with separate areas for preschoolers and elementary students, plus a musical area with drums, chimes, and other percussion instruments. Imagine being able to hear music at the playground!

We’re getting everything set up now. We hope to have a vendor selected by early Spring 2022 and have the first piece (a preschool area) installed by Summer, 2022. Our goal is to have the new playground completely installed by Summer, 2023.

There will be opportunities for the public to get involved throughout the process, so please keep coming back to see what’s new with the project!